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Background Information

What are cookies???
Cookies are little bits of information that a website asks a browser to store for it on your computer. Websites do this to be able to distinguish one user from another. Without them, all users of the website will be treated alike and cannot set preferences or be given individual treatment. They are a completely normal part of the internet used by the vast majority of websites.

How are cookies used?
Websites use cookies to "tag" and keep track of each browser's connection and interaction with the website server. Without them it is very difficult for the website server to do anything at all individual such as enable preferences because the server can't tell which machine it's talking to and doesn't know what previous actions a particular user has taken such as submitting forms etc.

Apart from these kind of "functional" cookies, there are also analytical or "performance" cookies that enable the collection of anonymous statistical information about site usage. Website owners use this to manage and design the site and server infrastructure to meet the needs of their visitors. Some cookies are also used a bit like a key or swipe card that allows you to access parts of a website. You are typically "given" these by the site upon completion of a login etc. If you don't allow the cookie or delete it, you won't be able to gain access. Cookies can also be used to track your behaviour (what you are searching for etc.) across different sites, primarily in order to target advertising that is relevant to you.

First Party and Third Party cookies
First party cookies are the ones stored by the website you are actually on at the time as indicated by the URL in the address bar. Third party cookies are stored by another site that is incorporated in the first site. These are usually via a plug-in (such as a Facebook "Like" button) or an advert served via that site.

What's all the fuss about?
Prism Sound, the host of the Audio Design Workshops, is based in the UK. The European Union passed a directive, EC directive 2009/136/EC, which requires websites to get consent before they store cookies on user's computers. The British Government interpretation of that appears to be that if you have implied informed consent, that's enough - hence the cookies info header when you entered the site. If you don't want to consent, you come here where you can set your preferences for what cookies get stored. Some cookies (termed "essential" cookies) you cannot disable here - to do so would render parts of the site unusable and the EU agrees that if the cookies are required to perform a function that you have specifically requested, we don't need your specific consent.

List of Audio Design Workshop Cookies
This web site currently uses very few cookies. These are detailed below. Depending on your browser settings and preferences, pages you have visited, and links you have followed, not all of these cookies may be present. You should be able to view the values and data stored in these cookies on your computer via your browser.
Description Cookie Name(s) Purpose Notes
spanner iconSource Code src Used to keep a record of what link you followed to arrive on this website. This is mainly used for our marketing purposes to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, but it also can be used to provide specific content based on particular promotions - removing it will usually not cause any problems, but you might find that some promotions do not appear or do not appear as expected. You might also find that some content that is not applicable to you (e.g., regionally specific content) is displayed. This cookie is set to be deleted when you close your browser.Note 1
spanner iconEML eml Used to persist authorisation for resource downloads This enables you to download more than one resource when you have registered. Without it, you will have to register separately for each one.
spanner iconCookie consent cookie_consent Holds your cookie preference. EC directive 2009/136/EC Paragraph 66 requires that we get your consent before storing some types of cookies on your computer. This cookie is to keep a record of this consent as set on this page. If you set a preference for us not storing cookies, you should find that this is the only cookie set (apart from "essential" ones) and it will be set to "false".

List of Third Party Cookies
There are currently no third party cookies.

This list of cookies may not be exhaustive but we have attempted to list all the cookies that are set by us. Various plug-ins hosted on our site but belonging to other sites may also use cookies - one such is Facebook whose "Like" button plug-in stores an array of cookies. This is currently only present in a few pages on the Recording and Production part of our website. In addition to these, there may also be one or two legacy cookies that are no longer set or used and which will time out automatically with no further action being required.

Note 1 - Although a cookie may be set to be deleted at the end of a browsing session ("session cookie"), many modern browsers allow you to "resume" or "restore" a previous session on start-up. In order to do this, the browser will keep these cookies despite the cookie settings. Typically this will appear as an option in the browser preferences, for example, Firefox has a setting "When Firefox starts show my windows and tabs from last time" which will cause this behaviour.