ADWL Information

What is Audio Design Workshop Live?
Audio Design Workshop Live is a series of live seminars and technical workshops, some of which are accompanied by live interactive web feeds.

How does it work?
Each event is different, but the basic idea is that you sign up to either attend in person or attend on a web conference (if provided). To sign up, follow the links on the event pages. These will typically either take you to a sign up form on or on

How much does it cost?
Please follow the registration process to find out how much individual events cost. Where possible there is no charge. Attending the web conference is free.

If I sign up, am I guaranteed a place?
This depends on the individual event. For some events these workshops take place as part of a larger umbrella event and we cannot control who attends - in these cases we will attempt to give preference to those who have signed up, but cannot guarantee a place. For independent events that we run ourselves we limit the number of registrations so that we have enough room in the venue for everyone.

For attending on the free web conference we can't guarantee that you will be able to get a connection. The number of connections is limited and signing up simply gets you the log-in details. We work hard to try to make sure we have enough capacity for the number of registrations, but this may not be possible. We have recently greatly increased our webinar capacity and don't anticipate any problems.

Do I need any special software for the web conference?
We will be using Citrix GoToWebinar software for which a free client application exists for Windows and Mac. There are also free iPad/iPhone and Android apps available from iTunes App store and Google Play respectively.

When you sign up, you will automatically be sent a link to the web conference. Following the link should install the viewer and connect to the session automatically.

Do I need any special hardware for the web conference?
You will need a supported internet enabled device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet etc.) with an audio output and a broadband internet connection. The audio is delivered via your computer using VoIP. The picture will mostly be screen capture of the presenters computer with a live video window.

Can I view the web feed using iPhone / iPad / Android phone or tablet?
It should be possible to view the webinar with any of these. Free iPad/iPhone and Android apps available from iTunes App store and Google Play respectively.

Can I view the web feed using a browser / Linux / BSD?
Unfortunately not. Unlike our previous Netviewer software, there is no Flash based web client for Citrix GoToWebinar. Sorry about this.

Can I interact with the presenters on the web conference?
The majority of the presentation is one way, but you are able to send messages using the GoToWebinar Chat to the moderators. You will not be able to talk back to us using VoIP.

How do I get help during the web conference?
Once the GoToWebinar session up and running, you can contact us using the Chat panel during the presentation. If you have trouble connecting, please visit the ADWL status page which we will attempt to update if there are technical problems during the presentations. If we lose internet connectivity from the venue during the presentation we will not be able to update this page, but for other issues, such as GoToWebinar session updates or changes to the program we will try to keep it up to date.

In past webinars we have had attendees commenting that the VoIP audio is broken, too loud or too quiet ...sometimes both too loud and too quiet from the same audio stream ;-). We aim to make sure the audio is present and at a sensible level within the confines of the Citrix GoToWebinar AGC and it is monitored during the presentation from a GoToWebinar client computer on the site. If there are genuine problems we will attempt to keep you informed via the chat, but please note that, in the past, audio problems have usually been at the client end, over which we have no control. You will typically hear a recorded message when you first join the session and then a periodic tone which you can use to adjust levels.

For help getting GoToWebinar working, please see Citrix GoToWebinar FAQ page. GoToWebinar uses HTTP port 80 so if you can see the internet from your computer, you should be able to attend the webinar.

Will I be able to download the presentation afterwards?
When we have permission from the presenter, we hope to make the PowerPoint presentations available on the resources page.

It is also our intention to make the videos of events available for download. This will most likely be on the Prism Sound YouTube channel - there may be a delay of some weeks before they are available.